PHP + MySQL 免費電子書

下面列出一些 PHP 及 MySQL 的免費電子書, 除了入門書籍外, 也有一些是較深入內容的, 但要留意, 全都英文版。

Learn PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript and HTML5

PHP 5 Power Programming

Beginning Php5 Apache And Mysql Web Development

PHP5 And MySQL Bible

PHP and MySQL Web Development All in One

PHP 6/MySQL Programming for Absolute Beginner

PHP 6 Fast and Easy Web Development

PHP: The Basics

MySQL PHP Database Applications

Head First! PHP and MySQL

PHP6 and MySQL

Professional Lamp Linux Apache Mysql Php5

PHP the right way

The Oracle PHP Cookbook

Practical PHP Testing

Code Bright for Laravel PHP

Practical PHP Programming

PHP Programming

PHP Security Guide

Advanced CakePHP Tips


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