Google 雲端程式碼儲存平台 — Cloud Source Repositories

GitHub 是十分熱門的程式碼儲存平台, 現在 Google 剛剛將它們的雲端程式碼儲存平台 (Cloud Source Repositories) 測試版投入服務, 功能與 GitHub 相約。

測試版免費提供 500MB 空間儲存程式碼。

Cloud Source Repositories are fully-featured Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform. This Beta release of Cloud Source Repositories is free and can be used to store up to 500 MB of source files.

Each project you create in the Google Developers Console has an associated Cloud Source Repository. You can use this repository for collaborative development of any application or service, including those that run on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine. If you are using the Google Cloud Debugger, you can use Cloud Source Repositories and related tools in the Developer Console to view debugging information alongside your code during application runtime.

The Cloud Platform also provides a source code editor that you can use to browse, view, edit and commit repository files from within the Developers Console.

Using Cloud Source Repositories is easy if you are familiar with Git. For example, you can add a Cloud Source Repository to a local Git repository as a remote, or you can connect it to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket. From a local repository, you can use the standard set of Git commands to interact with the repository in the Cloud, including push, pull, clone and log. Connected repositories on GitHub or Bitbucket are synchronized with the Cloud Source Repository automatically and vice-versa.


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